Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Turning Point

As a move to simplify, I am merging blogs so there will be more posts of everyday life here.

This last week Emily turned three! We had fun celebrating it over two days as a family.
She wanted a rainbow cake with purple frosting and the girls helped with the decorating.  I should have taken a picture of the inside which had layers of every color of the rainbow...I'm sure you can imagine it.
Here are some of her favorites:
  • Favorite color: pink, which she wears just about everyday except on Sunday when she wears her favorite purple dress.
  • Favorite food: just about anything, but especially loves fried rice and meatballs or just meat.
  • Favorite activity: puzzles.  She starts to gather up all the pieces once she decides she can finish the puzzle on her own. Playing picnics is a close second.
New milestones:
  • Is fully potty trained day and night and I couldn't be happier since this is hands down my least favorite parenting task up until now.
  • Loves to say prayers.  It took a little bit of coaxing at first but now she loves to say them all by herself and of course now she and Hannah fight over who is going to say it.
  • Knows her ABCs and lots of numbers.  It's hard to believe that she has 2 more years until school... 
Melt my heart moments:
  • She usually thanks the cook of the meal, "Mama (or Papa), thanks for the delicious food!" 
  • When she tries to contain all her love for her sister and says, "Baby Sarah I love you, I touch your neck!"
  • When she and Hannah are getting along, which seems less frequent these days.  Why must siblings fight, compete, tease, etc. ?
We love you Emily!